Burrata Bomb  

a breaded and fried ball of burrata mozzarella, marinara   12.



marinara, white wine, chili flake, garlic, parsley, basil, grilled bread   14. 


Bruschetta Trio  

tomato and mozzarella  |  strawberry and brie  |  fig jam and gorgonzola dolce   10.


Crispy Artichokes  

cornmeal dusted, marinated, long stem, artichoke hearts, lemon caper aioli   10.



six raw oysters on the half shell, from Little Shemogue, Canada, wasabi caviar mignonette   16.50





local tomatoes, burrata mozzarella, basil, extra virgin olive oil   11.


Rucola Salad  

baby arugula, grana padano, lemon, extra virgin olive oil   8.


Misto Salad  

mixed lettuce, marinated plum tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, balsamic   8.


Roasted Beet Salad  

arugula, black pepper candied pistachios, ricotta salata, sherry vinaigrette   12.


Caesar Salad  

romaine hearts, grana padano cheese, croutons   7.      add boquerones   3.


add chicken or shrimp or scallops to any pasta or salad   7.





Fettuccine al Pesto  

basil, pine nut, roasted red pepper, grana padano, garlic, extra virgin   16.


Linguini Cacio e Pepe  

pecorino romano cheese, black pepper, diced tomato   15.


Sea Fettuccine  

seared scallops and shrimp, roasted red peppers, asparagus, saffron, white wine, cream   26.


Linguini Vongole  

petit clams, garlic, parsley, chili flake, parsley, white wine   17.


Fettuccine Bolognese  

traditional pork, beef and veal ragu simmered with tomatoes and herbs   18.


Roasted Spaghetti Squash  

no pasta, gluten free, swiss chard, sunroot, hazelnuts, brown butter   16.





Arctic Char  

seared, smashed yellow beets and yams, caper salsa-verde, spicy pickled green tomato   26.


Clam Boil  

petit clams, mussels, scallops, shrimp, new potato, garlic, lemon, pesto, grilled bread   25.


Half Chicken  

oven roasted tomato, mushroom, rosemary, swiss chard, risotto cake    23.


Rib Eye  

grilled, haricot vert, fingerling potato   31.      add bleu cheese   3.



layers of grilled eggplant, tomato, spinach, mozzarella, grana padano   17.





Pork Belly L.T.  

crispy pork belly, tomato, romaine, aioli, sliced Italian loaf   14.


Chicken Sandwich  

pulled chicken, red pepper, goat cheese, arugula, sliced Italian loaf   13.


Tomato and Cheese Sandwich  

warm tomato and mozzarella, arugula, basil, olive oil, sliced Italian loaf   11.


Porchetta Sandwich  

smoked pork shoulder, broccoli rabe, provolone, baguette   14.





Margherita Pizza  

tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, basil, olive oil   12.50


Pork and Pear Pizza  

pork shoulder, dolce gorgonzola, basil-ricotta pesto, pear   14.


Treviso Pizza  

goat cheese sauce, arugula, treviso, oven roasted tomato, fine herb   14.


Roberta’s Pizza  

tomato sauce, sheep’s milk cheese, fennel salami, sunroot, parsley, spicy honey   15.


Funghi Pizza  

mushrooms, truffle cheese, savory herbs and garlic, caramelized shallots   15.


Americana Pizza  

tomato sauce, mozzarella, hot sausage, pepperoni, black olives, onion, mushroom   15.





Penne Bambino  

child’s pasta with butter or marinara   sm 6.   lg 10.

Pizza Bambino  

child’s pizza with tomato sauce and mozzarella   9.   additional toppings   1.

About Us

Located in the heart of the Main Line across the street from the Wayne train station, making it convenient for a trip into Philadelphia or making us a destination for coming out of Philadelphia. Teresa's Cafe opened in 1997 beginning the restaurant explosion in Wayne. Starting as a byob Italian restaurant and now with a full bar featuring extensive lists of wine, craft ales, craft sprints, keg tails (stop by and ask) and now barrel aged cocktails. 

We recently refreshed our dining room to add in the small bar area and to add sound absorbing material to the dining room. It is no longer a loud restaurant you will be amazed by the difference. All work was done by our friend at Anthony Rullo Designs and we sourced local soapstone for all the tables and bar top. All the table bases were made by Anthony's brother Rullo Custom Cycles, yes a motorcycle shop, if you don't know us we like motorcycles and cars also. All our lights are now led bulbs. We sourced cork for our walls and local slate for our floors, original French made Tolix chairs, ok they were not local. We are still working with a local designer on more additions to the dining room and trying to not interrupt our extensive sound absorbing material, look for more changes coming soon.  

Stop by and have a meal or a snack and a drink outside under our awnings and outdoor tables while you watch life in Wayne go by. 

Our menu has recently had some renovations also. Yes we took off some old favorites but don't you want new things in life? We now feature all handmade pastas, all desserts are my by our pastry chef, we still have our hand stretched pizzas now made in the kitchen oven instead of out front, these are the staffs favorite meals. I would say we change our menu seasonally but actually we change when we find something we want to use, yes we do focus on seasonal foods, but mainly on our own tastes. We even have our own in house forager, to find new local vegetables. Yes we do serve vegetables and vegetarian items.  Our menu is constantly changing we are foodies at heart. We vacation (or we like to call it a business trip) based around what food or drinks we haven't seen yet. Or we go back to places we love to see and visit past and current friends in the business. Our last big "vacation" was a trip to France and Belgium. This year we are focusing on Kentucky (for bourbon) and Oregon (for pinot noir). We are constantly tasting wines for our ever changing glass and bottle list. And we do as much staff training as we can fit in our schedules sometimes we make special events around our staff training such as our last World Whiskey Day.

Mailing List

If you would like to subscribe to Teresa's mailing list, you may do so here. Stay up to date with all the events happening at Teresa's Cafe!

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Hours & Directions
Teresa's Cafe
124-126 N. Wayne Avenue
Wayne, PA 19087
Phone: 610.293.9909
Hours Of operations
    11:30AM - 12AM
    4PM - 11PM



Tomato Meatball Soup

our Flemish style carrot-tomato with our fricadelles   6.



½ dozen Canadian Little Shemogue oysters with our wasabi caviar mignonette   16.50



snails sautéed in butter, garlic, shallot, parsley and chervil served over brioche toast   12.50



Flemish style pork and veal meatballs, glazed in brown beer and chervil with bread   9.


Scallop Brochette  

grilled sea scallops wrapped in bacon with lemon horseradish aioli   12.


Baked Caulisprouts  

cauliflower and brussels sprouts baked with aged gruyere and mornay sauce, toast   11.


Crispy Artichokes  

cornmeal dusted, long stem artichoke hearts and lemon   9.50



oven-roasted, whole, jumbo chicken wings; choose from: cinnamon, rosemary-roasted garlic, 

Thai-ginger, barbecue, or hot sauce   12.50.


Bunny Bites  

our version of chicken fingers: breaded rabbit loin with a spicy carrot sauce   11.

add $1 for Thai-ginger or Buffalo style





Chèvre Chaud  

warm goat’s brie atop crostini, honey, apples, pecans, arugula, thyme vinaigrette   13.


Fat Cat  

Birchrun Hill’s soft cow’s cheese, endive, radicchio, arugula, blueberries, tart cherry vinaigrette   11.


Beets and Bleu  

warm roasted beets, lemon-chervil-endive slaw, Bleu d’Auvergne   11.



mixed greens, tomato, carrot, cucumber, radish, chervil-shallot vinaigrette   8.50


Duck Salad  

wood grilled duck breast, poached cherries, honey goat cheese, mixed lettuce, citrus vinaigrette   16.50


Chicken Salad  

lime vinaigrette, pablanos, corn, pico de gallo, queso fresco, avocado, Nexdoritos   17.50


Steak Salad  

Rib-eye, greens, roasted tomatoes, hardboiled egg, onion, croutons, bleu cheese   24.




Served with Pomme Frites and bread   16.50



fennel, celery, onions, sorrel, parsley, chervil, mustard, white wine, cream


Far East  

spicy Thai chilies, ginger, scallion, wine



dark beer, chorizo sausage, red pepper, shallot, garlic, chervil


Crocus and Cream  

saffron, piquillo peppers, parsley, white wine, cream



bacon, red onion, blue cheese, white beer



white wine, garlic, shallot, herbs


$3 supplement for the addition of escargot to any mussel bowl





Ortega Tacos  

three homemade crispy corn tortilla shells, seasoned ground beef, salsa, sour cream, queso fresco, green cabbage, pico de gallo   9.



braised goat, pico de gallo, pickled peppers, white onion, cilantro, two soft corn tortillas   10.


El Picador  

crispy confit pork belly, white onion, cilantro, salsa roja, queso fresco, two corn tortillas   10.


Pescados Fritas  

fried haddock, pico de gallo, radish, cabbage, salsa verde, two soft corn tortillas   11.


Tacos al Pastor  

seasoned, roasted, pork shoulder, cilantro, onions, grilled pineapple, salsa al Pastor   11.


Tres Flautas  

crispy corn tortillas rolled with chipotle shredded chicken, sour cream and twin salsas   9.


Sandwiches and Such

Served with greens, add a side of Pomme Frites for $3


Croque Madame  

brioche, toasted with aged gruyere, city ham, mornay sauce and a fried farm egg   12½.



sliced, wood grilled, duck breast, arugula, country ham, tart cherry vinaigrette   14.


Fried Haddock  

haddock, a few frites, tomato, lettuce and remoulade on long roll, basil jalapeño slaw   15.


Bánh mì  

country ham, smoked pork, chicken liver mayo, cucumber, pickled carrot and daikon, jalapeño, cilantro, crushed peanuts, spicy sauce on baguette   12.50


Pulled Goat  

slow braised goat, pablano peppers, toasted roll, basil jalapeño slaw, pickled cucumbers   12.


Dürüm Kebab  

roasted lamb and veal OR roasted chicken, garlic yogurt, red cabbage, carrots, tomato, onion and cucumber wrapped in lavash   11.

Spicy is optional.   Bulgarian feta add   $2.


Prime Burger  

8oz of our own unique blend of ground, USDA Prime steak   12.


Game Burger  

experience an ever changing exotic burger, ask about today’s preparation   15.


Regular Toppings $1 ea: 

Caramelized leeks, beer braised onions, blue cheese, pablano peppers, pico de gallo, queso fresco, avocado OR a fried farm egg

Premium Toppings $2 ea: 

Benton’s bacon or Country ham, Smoking Goose City Ham, aged cheddar, aged gruyere, goat cheese OR portobello





Carbonnade Flamande  

traditonal Belgian, dark beer braised beef stew served over Stoemp   18.50



scallops, haddock and mussels poached in white with, celery root, leeks, carrots, red potatoes, herbs and a touch of cream   27.


Hobbit Ribs  

this is not like American barbecue, please allow at least thirty minutes or more for these wood roasted baby back ribs accompanied by basil jalapeño slaw, Pomme Frites, and samurai sauce   28.


Strafford Schnitzel  

wood grilled, bone-in pork chop, covered in a bacon, caper, mustard, onion, mushroom and wine cream sauce, apple-kraut, potato pancake and cucumber salad   26.



wood grilled all natural rib eye, Worcestershire demi-glace and Pomme Frites   26½.



braised leeks, goat cheese, and herbs served with red potatoes and salad   12½.   add $2 for egg whites



grilled portobello mushrooms layered and baked with aged gruyere, roasted plum tomato, caramelized leeks and artichoke hearts drizzled with 30 year old balsamic vinegar and chive oil   18.




Brussel Sprouts   bacon and shallots   8.

Basil Jalapeño Slaw   cabbage   3.

Corn Salad   radish, hearts of palm, cilantro   5.

Kartoffelpuffers   potato pancakes   5.

Gurkensalat   cucumber-dill salad   4.

Kriek Cabbage   cherry, caraway seed   6.

Red Potatoes   parsley and butter   6.

Pomme Frites   yukon gold potatoes, remoulade   3.

Stoemp   Belgian style smashed root vegetables, cabbage and potables   5.


 Upcoming Events at Teresa's  

March 20th
Founders and CBS
We will have a whole slew of Founders beers on this day. We will even have CBS available only in a flight! We will be pouring Blushing Monk, Dark Penance, Backwoods Bastard, Dirty Bastard, Curmudgeon, Black Rye, Nitro Pale Ale, All Day IPA and CBS.
The Flight will include CBS, Curmudgeon and Dark Penence. 
Come out and enjoy a few pours.
April 2
Neshaminy Creek and Free Will
A few beers from each will on tap to celebrate the upcoming
Philly Beer Scene Awards!
April 10
Lagunitas has a Hillbilly side
A few fun beers and specialty offerings from Lagunitas as well as the hillybilly picnic special.
April 13
Jack's Abbey brings some of the finest lagers!
Jack's Abbey only brews lagers, but they aren't your run of the mill Yuengling. We will be pouring Hoponius Union, Jabby Brau, Leisure Time, Smoke and Dagger, Mass Rising, Calyptra, Sunny Ridge, Saxonator and Framming Hammer. An awe inspiring selection of tastiness.
Cider Wednesday

Flights from our drafts and bottles will be available at special pricing. Celebrate the apple.


March 18  

Get to know the Irish

Cragies Ballyhook Flyer, Dan Kelly’s and Longueville House.

This is real, classic Irish cider.


March 25  

Fall in love with the Funk

Some of our favorite ciders are musty/funky, full of barnyard notes, fall in love with them too

April 1  

French make more then just great wine, they make great cider too 

Etienne Dupont, Bouche Fermier Extra Brut and

de Christian Drouin Cidre, simply beautiful



Whisk(e)y Thursday


March 26

Our Third High Rollers Day!

This week is the first full week of Spring and with every “official” season change brings some celebration. Get to know some of the higher end whiskeys on the bar that will just seem to make the days of warm spring and bountiful flowers come so much quicker.


April 2

Become your own Rye Blender


The current rye market in the United States is dominated by one distillery in Indiana. Almost all of the Independent bottlers are buying whiskey from this distillery and are therefore acting as blenders


April 9

Become your own Bourbon Blender


Bourbon can have a wide spectrum of flavors within a narrow flavor profile. Heavy oak through sweet corn. It’s all about balance. We’ll give you the opportunity to blend to your liking.


Saturday May 16  

World Whiskey Day with Philip Pepperdine from Auchentoshan

Ever year this day brings joy to our hearts. We bring out a fellow passionate whisk(e)y lover who is an expert in their own right. This year we will be joined by Philip Pepperdine from the Auchentoshan Distillery. Several terrific single malts from Auchentoshan and Bowmore will be poured accompanied by food courses designed to be paired perfectly. Tickets are $65 dollars and the event starts at Noon. Buy you tickets soon because this event sells out every year.



About Us

Opening in 2007, Teresa’s Next Door (fondly referred to as TND) quickly gained both community attention and critical acclaim. Hosting one of the most eclectic menus on the Main Line, the variety of different animals on the menu is only matched by the diverse worldwide selection of beer and whiskey selections from around the world.

The adventurous foodie and knowledgable beer geek should look no further. Our kitchen features a wood-burning grill, which imparts delightful depth into our dishes. Our creative cuisine ranges from our “game burger” to goat tacos with cactus slaw and with a choice of mussels prepared in eight different styles, how can you go wrong? Join us for a well-rounded dining experience complemented by a knowledgeable staff more than willing to fulfill your gluttonous lust. At Teresa’s Next Door, you can expect to enjoy:

  • Wood-burning grill
  • 24 beers on tap; 2 hand pumps, 1 on Nitro
  • Only restaurant in America to serve Belgium’s famous Garre beer 365 days
  • Creative cuisines – Game Burgers to Goat Tacos to Catcus Slaw
  • Seriously amazing mussels 8 eight different styles
  • Decadent creations by our pastry chef
  • Powerhouse Kegtails
Mailing List

If you would like to subscribe to Teresa's mailing list, you may do so here. Stay up to date with all the events happening at Teresa's Next Door!

First Name
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Hours & Directions
Teresa's Next Door
124-126 N. Wayne Avenue
Wayne, PA 19087
Phone: 610.293.9909
Hours Of operations
  • Open 7 Days a Week
    11:30am to 1:00am
    11am for Brunch on Sundays