11th Hour Happy Hour 

Every night from 11pm - Midnight we will be serving select 3 dollar beer, 4 dollar whisky and 5 dollar wine.  Our Next Door kitchen serves the full menu until midnight every night.

Everyday from 10pm - Midnight all of our tacos are half price 


First Funky Wine Weekend 

The first weekend of every month we will add even more biodynamic,     funky and truly interesting wines to our already progressive wines by the glass. If you like trying wine the way the terroir intended then you         won’t want to miss this.  


Sundays with Chris                                The drinks are up to you!

Want to get to know a spirit a little more in depth? Maybe dabble into some biodynamic wine? Come together with a few friends, pick a Sunday, and sit down for a more private experience with our beverage direct Chris Peters and your your choice of beverages. Have a cheese and meat board with whiskey. Have a full meal with wine. The options are endless. Just reach out to our managers with an idea to start the planning.


Monday March 27th                                 Wine Dinner with Andrea Fassone from Enotria Imports from 7-9 PM 

Andrea focuses on small, independent wine producers throughout Italy. He is driven to find quality wines from producers using native grapes to the region. Many of his producers use organic or biodynamic processes. This dinner will feature 7 wines from a variety of regions around Italy, selecting unique grapes or growing methods to show you how interesting Italian wine can be! Each of the 6 courses will focus on classic Italian specialties          that pair perfectly.


Thursday April 6th                                     Epic Brewing comes to Wayne

Epic Brewing is based out of both Salt Lake City, Utah and Denver, Colorado. They brew a variety of delicious and quality driven beers. Come out and drink some very cool stuff from a small independant brewery.


Wednesday April 19th                                                                                           Scotch Whisky Dinner with Colin Appiah from Baccardi (yes they own more than just rum)

6 neat pours of Scotch whisky with food pairings and a cocktail to kick it all off. There isn't much that could top that on a Wednesday night. With the likes of Royal Brackla, Deveron, Craiglachie and an extra old blend, this is going to be one terrific dinner. Tickets are $85 and the dinner will               be from 7-9pm.


Friday April 21st                                    Join Meredith from Buffalo Trace for            a few drinks

We've now selected three different barrels from the Sazerac company, the two Buffalo Trace barrels that just came in, as well as our Ridgemont 1792 barrel. Between those and some other Sazerac treats, this will be a great day for spirits.


Monday April 24th                               Alvero from Selections de la Vina is back for another Wine Dinner!

Alvero imports some of our absolute favorite Spanish wines. The last time he was down we sold the dinner our quickly and we promised to bring him back for those who missed out. If you couldn't make it then, made it and really loved it, or just love natural Spanish wines, then this is your chance. The dinner is from 7-9pm and will be 5 courses and 6 wines. Tickets are $85 and are limited so please call or come in and reserve yours as          quickly as you can.


Sunday April 30th                               Wheels of Wayne Outside, Firestone Walker Club Racing League Inside!

The "Wheels of Wayne" is an annual car show on North Wayne Ave (our street). This year, Firestone Walker is helping us get in the racing spirit with a race track IN Teresa's Cafe! Swing in, have a few beers, and challenge your friends to a race around our track with remote control cars. Winner of each race gets a free pint and the overall winner gets a free case of Firestone Walker to take home with them.


Saturday May 20th                                Our fifth annual World Whiskey Day            from 1-3pm

Years ago we were looking for an excuse to drink more whiskey. We stumbled across a little known event that was just starting out called World Whiskey Day. On our fifth World Whiskey Day we're sticking to our routine; show you great whiskey from around the world, pair it with some awesome food, and have a special guest talk you through each spirit. Tickets are $95 and this being our fifth, practice makes perfect. This will be our best yet.



Whisk(e)y Thursdays


March 16th St. Patrick's Day comes a day early

There will be no boring and mundane Irish whiskey slammed back as shots here. Interesting and complex Irish treats only.


March 23rd We're officially in Spring.

Whether it feels like it or not, we're officially in spring. Here are three whiskies that remind us of springtime and flowers.


March 30th Celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Alaska

To think we only paid 2 cents an acre to Russia for the Alaskan Territory. Three western territory whiskies make a great toast.


April 6th Our bi-annual High Rollers day is back

A bunch of expensive stuff at fantastic prices. This is a chance to try a flight of some of the whiskey you've been drooling over.


April 13th Tax Day is coming, Drink your stress away.

Three easy drinking whiskies that even the novice whiskey fan can enjoy because when it's tax season, it's really whiskey season.


April 20th Choose Your Own Adventure

We have amassed eight different whiskey barrels here at Teresa's. You get to pick which three you would like in a flight.


April 27th Herbal influence in Whiskey

Three different whiskies with an herbal note in the finish                          from all over the planet.


May 4th May the Fourth be with you

Sorry Trekkies, not today. These whiskies are so popular you'd be able to find them in a galaxy far far away.


May 11th Great Breweries who also make Whiskey

Three whiskies from breweries who are famous for their beer. These side projects have turned into beauties of their own.


May 18th Newly Released Non-Age Statement Whiskey

Not all great whiskey has to be old. In fact some of the best whiskies are a balance of youth and maturity.


May 25th Old Favorites

Five different whiskies which fans have asked to see back on the        Whiskey Thursday flight.


June 1st Beer Week is almost upon us which means it's time for Beer Schnapps again!

These are not just whiskies made from distillers beer. These are actually beers that you would drink that have been distilled into spirits.