Every Sunday is ½ Price Cheese Day


St. Albans Vermont Creamery, Cow

Served warm in it's own crock w/apples & baguette for dipping 11.


Castelbelbo  Italy, Cow, Sheep, Goat, Soft, Bloomy Rind  

subtle grassy and mushroom flavors with a pleasant lactic tang 8.


Capra Honey Goat Belgium, Goat, Soft

This liquid gold is your gateway drugto a love affair w/cheese 7½.


Humble Parish Hill Vermont, Raw Cow, Semi-Sweet

Mild Buttery Flavors enhanced by it's cider washed rind 8.


Lorelei  Oregon, Goat, Semi-Soft  

Stout washed for a mild rind with clean and citrusy flavors  7. 


Truf 3 Latti Italy, Cow, Sheep, Goat, Semi-Soft

Real Truffles, Be Patient, allow to warm to truly enjoy the sublime texture 8.


Dalmatinac Croatia, Cow, Sheep, Firm

Buttery, Salty, Grassy, w/flavors of Toasted Nuts 7½.


Paski Sir Croatia, Sheep, Firm

From grazing through aging on the Isle of Pag; Savory, Tangy, Herbal, & Aromatic 8.


Flory's Truckle Missouri, Raw Cow, Firm

Big, Rich, bandage wrapped cheddar from a single, tiny herd of happy cows! 7.


Bleu d'Auvergne France, Raw Cow, Semi-Soft

Rich, Creamy, everything you need in a classic blue 7.


Surfin' Blue Italy, Raw Buffalo, Semi-Firm

Blu Di Bufala washed in American style DIPA w/citrusy hop notes 8½.


Blue Sue Birchrun Hill Farm, Raw Cow, Semi-Firm

Aged for 8 months in Birchrun Hill's dank, musty caves 8.


Charcuterie, Salumi and Ham  

All our meats come from happy pigs, so we can feel good about eating them


Extra Vecchio // Brooklyn  

Clean pork flavor, made with white wine garlic & black pepper  7. 


Lonzo // Brooklyn  

Cured, heritage breed pork loin, clean, simple; taste their happiness 7.


Dodge City Salame // Indianapolis  

Amazing hand cut pork salami made w/fennel pollen & pink peppercorns 7.


Prosciutto Creminelli // Utah

This amazing version of the traditional has a touch of balancing sweetness 7.


Cabecero de Lomo Ibérico de Bellota // Spain  

Ibérico pigs are some of the best in the world, grazing upon a strict diet of acorns, chestnuts and woodland grasses.  Paprika and garlic are added during the curing   15.



Kaas   cubed aged gouda   4.   |   Salami   cubed dry salami   4.   |   Kaas and Salami   4.


Boquerones 9½.

Vinegar cured anchovy fillets, piquillo-parsley salad, sherry vinegar, extra virgin olive oil


Mixed Olives 5.

Castelvetrano and Cerignola olives in a light brine along with oil cured Black Beldi olives


Table Olives  5.

Tasty Tuscan varieties grown organically at McEvoy Ranch in California, our new crack!


Spicy Almonds 3½. 

California almonds roasted with our blend of cinnamon, cayenne and chocolate


Marcona Almonds 4½.

roasted with sea salt and extra virgin olive oil